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Our Introduction

Infinity Unisex Salon

Beauty is a term that is defined by different people differently. But when a customer moves into a salon the expectation is of an eye-pleasing makeover. Infinity Unisex Salon at Vikas Nagar tries to satiate this expectation. We provide numerous world class services of hair and skin to transform all ladies into diva. We transform your description of beauty in reality so that you can relive, rejoice and relish your own beauty.Here at the salon we define beauty in your terms.

Look good, feel good???????? is the mantra for modern lifestyle. Modern women are multitasking at their maximum. They are acting as home maker and a heavy duty corporate at the same time facing deadlines and doing daily chores. They are going out for more than half of the day and facing the sun and the pollution. All these are posing adverse effect on the hair, beauty and skin. It is giving early aging, blemishes and dull face etc.  Salon is an island where one can escape, leave everything, close eyes, sit back and just detox, rejuvenate and enjoy the pampering of beauty. We are trying to define well-being for the ladies at its best. It????????s a place from where one can collect the lost energy and again jumpstart the daily chores and run after deadlines.

One of the contemporary features of the salon is its scientific and therapeutic approach towards the treatment. All the processes of various services are defined in a proper manner with characterizing outcome as shown in earlier results.

The salon provides complete range of services provided by passionate and well-trained professionals. They act as artists in handling the customer. They consider the outcome of the customer as their own; the satisfaction on the face of customer is actually enjoyed by the person delivering the service. They consider themselves as ???????artists???????? not a service provider. It is a team working in closed collaboration with passion and they feel extremely delighted in providing ???????transformative???????? services to the consumers. The professionals are trained in various hair as well as skin therapies. Keeping the pulse going management makes constant and heavy investment in maintaining and making the professionals abreast of the latest technical training in hair and beauty. In addition to this they are well equipped with soft skills of know-how of customer service excellence.

Salon is well equipped with cutting-edge apparatus and facilities so as to furnish latest trends and fashion to the customers like lay down shampoo beds, modern styling chairs, with funky and yet classy ambience etc.

We will be obliged to serve you, and we guarantee you????????ll get loyal consumer to the salon.Keeping in view the busy and modern lifestyle we are also open with flexible appointments.

Serices We Give..